Sunday, 24 September 2017

Emerging from the slough

It is more than six months since the last blog, once again apologies for long delay. Much of what I wrote last time could be written again. Since I last wrote, it took weeks and weeks to get over the recurrent chest Infections, with attendant lethargy. But eventually it ended. Always remain positive; it takes patience, which with me is in short supply. I got back energy and determined to exercise as much as possible while health remained good. I resumed regular bedex, and slowly (because aging muscles need treating with care) increased repetitions.

Recently I have added light weights (about 4 Kg) to sit/stands, and even 1.5 Kg ankle weights. I have several times beaten my time for the round the block walk, several times under 11 minutes, and even one specially exhilarating day when I managed 10.30 minutes. As nothing for the fit, but near miraculous for a heart patient like me. Three months ago I had endured a dispiriting period of low energy and shortness of breath which I feared would never end. The point of writing this is to encourage fellow sufferers that even a long period of ill health, lassitude and depression can come to an end. Then grab the improvement and steadily increase exercise.

This weekend, Lorraine and I went to London to celebrate the birthday of my grandson, Tim. He is a teacher, young and fit, and walking a few miles rapidly is nothing to him. Travelling round London, finishing up with the amazingly wonderful An American in Paris, involves lots of changes of trains, lots of stairs (escalators not working), and generally lots of walking. We managed, walking in total far more than we had done all year. I won’t claim we kept up with Tim, he adjusted his pace to ours, but we did keep going, including one short burst of fast walking to catch a train with literally a minute to spare. I must add that I salute Londoners. Three times over the weekend we got into a train when all seats were occupied. On each occasion someone promptly gave up their seat for the old gent with a stick, and twice for Lorraine as well. Much appreciated.

I have emerged from “The slough of despond” fearing it would never end. Now I am experiencing a period of energy and wellness. I am determined to do all the tiring autumn garden jobs: loads or compost to vegetable beds, digging it in etc. We are so encouraged we hope to go to on holiday Tenerife this season. Fellow sufferers, remember Sir Winston’s words: “Keep b*****ing on”.

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